Poem 16 – Malachi


Malachi, the last minor prophet of the Old Testament;

Whose names means “my messenger” and who called Israel to repent.

For the disobedient Israelites had ushered wickedness in,

But this seer said God still loved them in spite of their sin.


Called the Socrates of the prophets because of his manner,

His book similar to a Shakespearian soliloquy spoken in valour.

He rebuked the priest’s behaviour and Israel’s unfaithfulness,

And Godly silence fell upon the land not heard since the exodus.


The country was then experiencing a severe drought,

Brought on by the nation rejecting Almighty God no doubt.

But unto the righteous remnant the Holy Word did come,

“Fear God and give of your first fruits” for something to be done.


So the priests put away their pagan sacrifices of polluted bread,

And blemished offerings to show that as a holy people they cared.

For God said if they depart from their evil ways and life of leaven,

He would write down their names and open up the windows of Heaven.


By A. Mc Donald

The Lord’s House, Hout Bay

16 April 2016

To God be the Glory