Poem 18 – Heavenly Horses


The restless sea unsettles the white horses,

Wild to the horizon they run their courses.

Beasts of burden galloping apace in freedom,

Contrary to being subdued in an equine kingdom.


The colt content in awaiting his eternal goal,

Growing firmer in maturity, no longer a foal.

As a placid pony conforms to a nimble stare,

A feeble filly favourably before a desirable mare.


For the mustang leads in battle breaking the farce,

Riding forth like the fiery mythological steeds of Mars.

For which spiritual stallions came to carry Elijah away,

A soaring chariot with heavenly horses and a holy neigh.


The footmen first then afterward the chargers descend,

For whom do they return for at the time of the end?

With supernatural power, are they ghostly or tame?

Will they look for me and will they know my name?


By A. Mc Donald

The Lord’s House, Hout Bay

19 April 2016

To God be the Glory