Poem 903 – Mystery gift of dowsing

(Wrt Saturday Argus Newspaper Feb 3, 2018)


Who bestows the mystery gift of dowsing?

The ancient practice of water divining.

Is it an ability to discern underground waters?

For some are believers, others are doubters.


With twisted wire or rods of brass,

The dowsers walk above the grass.

If the pointer goes up, does the flow go down?

Is the water deep, one can only frown?


But who shall give us the Heavenly waters?

That we can share with our sons and daughters.

We desperately search for a stream below,

Has God already shown it to the raven and crow?


For Elijah’s brook eventually dried up,

But the living waters shall overflow our cup.

For only the Great Divine can quench our thirst,

So beware trusting the dowser lest you be cursed.


By Alistair M. Mc Donald


3 February 2018