Poem 908 – A fish, a rooster, an anchor and three feathers

(The shield of Port Alfred)
(Matthew 4:19, 26:69-75, Hebrews 6:9) (Sonnet a, a, b, b)


The history of Port Alfred is rich in prominence,

With an emblem and shield of royal remembrance.

Sporting a fish, a rooster and anchor in tow,

And three feathers from the rivers ebb and flow.


For the fish represents excellent fishing,

Giving faith to the fisherman for their catching.

The ancient symbol of the early Christian,

These fair havens luring them to this mission.


The rooster crows daily before the dawn,

To stir the inhabitants with an early yawn.

The anchor our hope, sure and steadfast,

Upon these rugged rocks the fishermen cast.


Now the three feathers are of royal significance,

For they blow in the fair winds of God’s providence.


By Alistair M. Mc Donald


8 February 2018