Poem – The World in 2019
(The Economist – January 2019 Edition)

“The Economists” World in Twenty Nineteen,
Is certainly not ridiculous neither obscene.
Thirty three icons displayed on their front cover,
What do they predict and what can we discover?

Twenty Nineteen is that the year or the time?
Cause St. Catherine certainly committed no crime.
The patron saint of unmarried girls,
Her canvas print now as precious as pearls.

The S.A. and Nigerian ballot boxes,
Big years for those political foxes.
Blatant corruption on their own soil,
SA increasing debt, Nigeria stealing their own oil.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man,
Five hundred years on, what was his game plan?
Decorated wearing modern virtual goggles,
Could he see into the future, the mind boggles?

#Me Too movement against sexual harassment,
Our DNA manipulated for future embarrassment.
“Mona Angelina” like a humanitarian nun,
Her hubby probably complained she was no more fun.

That poor pangolin an endangered species,
Witchdoctors demand her scales and faeces.
Ingredients for their medicine to make their magic,
It’s not just rhino horn if you’ve forgotten that trick.

Baseball, no longer just an American pastime,
Blinded by sport the government committing crime.
Have you not read the Humanist Manifesto?
Sport and sex captures the attention of any beau.

The legal marijuana leaf with eight blades,
Should be odd unless they playing charades.
Mahatma Ghandi peaceful in his birthday position,
Contrary to this restless world we all live in.

That prosperous elephant moving to the east,
Its tusk indicating India’s stock climbing at least.
What of the British Bulldog and Union Jack?
“Britain beyond Brexit”, will they look back?

Exploring “New Horizons of Ultima Thule”,
The ancient geographical region for this new school.
It has space travelled past Pluto which was a planet,
But now downgraded to a dwarf can you fathom it?

President Trump needs no Facial Recognition,
Like Donald Duck both with their hair partition.
The flying stork carrying the number of the beast,
Even flailing Bitcoin was birthed in the east.

The Chinese panda on top of a whole new world,
Is history repeating itself like a tale that is told?
Trump to the left and Putin to the right,
Who will be the first to flex their might?

“Putin’s pipelines” breathing gas into Europe,
Competing for the money of the greedy Arab.
What of the four horsemen of the apocalypse,
Is that Lady Liberty burning the streets of France?

Mount Fuji her volcano filling with Japanese Yen,
First World Rugby then hosting the Olympics again.
The moon up above, China flying towards her dark side,
Anti-Semitist Roger Waters could be their rock guide.

That’s not Pinocchio, not one word of a lie,
It’s Prime Minister Prayut the procrastinating Thai.
And Walt Whitman born two hundred years ago,
Called the father of free verse, but what do we know?

Whitman was a religious skeptic and believed in none,
Captain, my Captain, he wrote, our fearful trip is done.
The ship has weathered every rack, the prize we sought is won.
Maybe a humanist and poet but not a very pious person.

The Tesla fully electric car, are they there yet?
Trying to save the planet creating spiralling debt.
Our very own cell phone and personal barcode,
Our brains addicted to this digital cocaine over load.

The tipping scales of the Supreme Court,
Sovereign man or illegal immigrant in short.
No mention of Mexico’s wall, North Korea or George Soros,
The emperor’s new clothes today waving to a genderless chorus.

George Orwell’s Animal Farm is an example as a matter of fact,
In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
What is hidden and has The Economist played all their cards?
Your guess is as good as mine with where this is heading towards?

What of occultist Aleister Crowley’s mirrored written script,
And did the quill have the Islamic crescent moon ticked?
Where, oh where Mr Editor, is God in all of this?
As we blindly follow our leaders into the great abyss!

9-11 January 2019
By A. Michael Mc Donald